Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day #9 & #10 - Albany (Middleton Beach) on King George Sound

We were heading for the coast but hoped everybody would be  leaving on Monday (Day 9) from their Easter weekend and that we would be OK.  
Middleton Beach

We headed for the #1 campsite in the Albany area (according to Tripadvisor) and that was just around the corner from Albany at Middleton Beach.  Luckily we arrived early and took the last ensuite site and it turned out to be a most lovely two nights and (due to early arrival) almost two days there.

Just a nice beach...
The beach was just over the sand dune behind our campsite and was spectacular, the ensuite was beautiful, we had our back doors open to the beach with the sound of the waves each night!  There was a nice restaurant within a nice walk for dinner and a wonderful cafe on the beach 4.5 kms away on the nice bike path, that we liked so much (cafe/scenery that is) that we WALKED there and back along the beach the next day. 

View from the cafe

Me walking back from the cafe...

Such beauty doesn't come cheap; the meals cost more due to the public holiday (Easter Sunday & Monday) so that the main course instead of $24 was now $27.80 and dessert was now $15.00 (instead of 12.50).  Now this was just an ordinary restaurant  - nice - but ordinary.  The soup was $15, the pina colada was $15 and dessert was $15.00!!  So I'm going to TRY to remember NOT to have DESSERT at a restaurant anymore ... for a while anyway.

I could have stayed a lot longer in Middleton Beach.

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