Monday, 15 April 2013

Day #23 to Jurien Bay - the Pinnacles

We drive out of Perth along the beautiful northern beaches that go on for miles (and miles) with (expensive) amazing houses that go on for miles (and miles) and so many people out walking/running/coffeing (?verb?) in their stretchy exercise clothes (do they not have jobs to pay for these houses?)  Finally we are out on the main road and the houses disappear  - although for the next few miles, the dunes on either side, are fenced off - ready for more development with more (now affordable) expensive houses.

Nambung National Park wouldn't necessarily entice me off the main road but it is home to The Pinnacles so off we go!  I'm embarrassed to admit I knew nothing about them and even though Joseph did - we were blown away by the site of these pillars of sand and limestone of varying heights and thickness popping out of the sand and covering about 4 hectares… 

and … the best part … you can DRIVE right through the middle of them (a 4km windy sandy path lined by small rocks).  


They looked like millions of meerkats (think Life of Pi) on the horizon - crazy stuff! 

We went to the interpretation centre hoping for more information because even Mr. geology-I know-almost-everything-Dafoe couldn't figure these out.  Well it turns out neither can lots of other people. There are two main theories as to what might have caused them but there has been little or no research so the interpretation centre has only two boards on the pinnacles and the rest of the large room showing the animals and fauna around the area. 

It's government owned so it's very well done and so is the gift store - with prices that didn't blow our minds - for a change - and the ladies that served us were happy to have a conversation - for a change! - so it was definitely worth the drive in from the main road.

We stayed at Jurien Bay caravan park overnight and head towards Geralton tomorrow.

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