Monday, 15 April 2013

Day #17 Mandurah & Thrombolites

I'm driving again/still and it's an easy (& short) drive to Mandurah but then a sign on the right towards the coast beckoned us …  Thrombolites!  Woah - we can't miss them! 

They did look kind of crazy in the water and so I've included a picture to stop you wondering. It was a nice little walk and break from the drive and Joseph was pretty excited about it - I just couldn't believe that we found it by accident - he's usually read-up on that kind of "find" - it's the galleries that we stumble upon. 

 Turns out they are similar to Stromatolites but a different structure duh!. 
Mandurah is not only on the coast but has lots of little inlets and man-made canals (think Miami) so I was pretty sure our caravan park (that I called-ahead to secure an en-suite site) would be on some kind of water - but alas! It was a million miles from any fresh or salt water - near potato fields I think - and our site was ho-hum with a view of their maintenance repair area!  Oh well  - just one night! Then off next morning for a quick visit to my sister-in-law Anita's mother and step-father's (Liz & John) NEW home ON one of the canals.  Well we didn't realize just how new it was - they had only been in it for a few weeks and it's a lovely house on a lovely canal with a lovely outside deck and the requisite shade-cloth sails and a boat tied up to the dock. It's a bit of a dream-come-true Liz says.

So off to Perth - Fremantle actually - along the old coast road.

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