Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day #11 - Albany to Walpole

The highlight of this drive was the BIG TREES! … BIG GUMS that is!  We detoured about 40kms inland to visit the Valley of the TALL TREES. 

 It was in a state park and it was very well done… even a very nice souvenir shop.  There was a tree-top walk but "we" opted for the short but nice (not hilly) ground walk and agreed that yes - those trees were TALL!

Yep - they're big tall trees!

The tall trees continued the rest of the way down to the coast to our stop for the night at Coal Mine beach near Walpole. 

More tall trees

 It was a fairly decent sized campsite but they were closing half of it up (less busy after Easter) that meant everybody was jammed into one third (probably one half but it seemed like one third) of the site and our site backed onto the main road into the park.  

The kookaburra and our neighbour

Hmmmm.  Well along came the requisite kangaroos for a visit and then a kookaburra sat within spit tin' distance while we cooked the lamb and it was a lovely still night but it gets dark awfully early these days so we retired for the night … to sleep … perchance to dream.  No, no sleeping, no dreaming … out came the mosquitos!  Joseph was pretty sure there weren't any mosquitos but around 2.00 a.m. he gave in and turned on the light and we spent most of the rest of the night trying to catch them.  We did have our backdoor open with the screen that we THOUGHT fit tightly enough (but obviously not) and other than that we can't figure out how they made their way inside.  I laid in bed (slept is too dramatic) wrapped in a sheet from head to toe with a small opening around my mouth facing my little fan  FAN PHOTO that blew directly into my face.  Still, I could hear the buzzing around the back of my head.

 Hmmm - I decided … it's a.c. next time - I don't care if it's a national park and it's supposed to be quiet!  

I was glad we weren't staying longer in Walpole!!


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