Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day # 2 & 13 - Walpole to Hamelin Bay

More tall trees and signs of a recent (2010) massive bushfire along the road and onto Hamelin Bay on the west coast in the Margaret River Tourist area.

We are in a caravan park in a state  park (it's all state parks down here as far as I can see!) and it's right next to the beach. It seemed to be high tide every time we went down to the beach but it was a lovely beach that went forever with sharks (we didn't see them) dolphins and stingrays - huge stingrays that swam into shore chasing the fishing boats.  We saw a few and then later there were 5 or 6 inshore and one was 5 meters long and 3 meters across - well that's what the (very nice) man said.  Joseph thought they weren't quite that big, but big none-the-less. The sunset was spectacular … again! 

Sunsets - too hard to call the winner!

We spent a slow day down at Augusta and the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse - the point where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean … except that Joseph (purveyor of all knowledge) says that there really isn't a Southern Ocean. I'm not sure whether to mention it to anybody because there will be quite a few signs that need to be changed if he's right!

Two days is enough here - nice as the beach is - and besides Joseph slipped on a rock on his NATURE hike tonight and sprained his wrist so tomorrow night will not be in a national park… NATURE can have a rest for a while …

Western Ring-necked Parrot - eating a cob of corn I thin

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  1. We didn't learn about a Southern Ocean at school but it's just like how in Spain they consider "America" to be one continent, rather than having NA and SA as separate continents. It's not wrong, just different, DAD.