Saturday, 30 March 2013

It's Sunday… and we are OFF!

It's been a longtime coming, and we are off on our adventure around half of Australia.  

It's Sunday March 24th and we are leaving Adelaide heading west, across the Nullabor Plains to Perth, then north to Broome where we meet up with friends from Ottawa (the Ross', the Frigon's and the Cook's). From there, the convoy of motorhomes will drive north to Darwin via the Kimberleys and Bungle Bungles. At Darwin we leave our friends and Joseph and drive directly south via Alice Springs with a side trip to Uluru and back "home" to Adelaide around mid June.

In preparation for this epic journey I left Joseph in the hills to pack apples and I spent four days in a beach house down at the beach with my long-time friend Julie visiting from Canberra.  We walked on the beach, drank some wine, saw some movies, entertained another friend June and reminisced a lot.  All critical preparation for the epic motorhome journey.

Thursday Joseph retired from apple packing and we spent our last days in Adelaide at the beach saying goodbye to everybody.  We picked up my sister Jen & husband Michael from the Queen Mary II.

They are on a cruise from Sydney to Perth and they spent their day in Adelaide doing laundry at their house!!  One last hug for M&S & Jasper - he'll be so grown-up when we are back - 2.5 months is a lot of legs David! (for my Love Actually friends). Tapas on Semaphore Rd. with brother David and family for dinner and a final breakfast with our "ex-bosses" Fiona & Graeme and we are off! - Ooops! forgot Mum - a quick phone-call to say goodbye!  She's 81 now but will be 82 when we get back!

Who knows what lies ahead?  Well lots of flat straight roads that's for sure!  I'll try to keep you posted on anything else that happens.

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