Saturday, 30 March 2013

Day #6 & 7 Esperance to Hyden (wave rock) - Hyden

Wave Rock +
... a thing of beauty!

We assumed (hoped) that most people would head for the coast for Easter so we headed inland to see this crazy rock that is supposed to be shaped like a wave- in the middle of nowhere!

As we drove west then north we passed hundreds of campers/caravans/cars/trucks doing just as we thought - heading for the coast - so we figured we had a chance at Wave Rock.  Again the scenery changes every so slightly as you travel along. Different trees (pink gum trees!! (salmon gums), different scrub, open pasture (as far as you can see) and then - yep! - out of nowhere this crazy huge rock appears.

There's a line up at check in but  they managed to squeeze us in to a tiny spot in the bulging campsite that sits at the foot of the rock.   We had power and access to nice toilets and showers and … FREE INTERNET!! (Free internet is worth it's weight in gold over here - and it's pretty scarce.)

There's a church bake sale and free internet and a swimming pool and there are kiddie poohs everywhere and it turns out that Wave Rock is actually a pretty fun thing to play on (not right at the top of course).  

Kiddie's sliding down the rock - free entertainment!

It's a pretty easy climb to the top - the granite is very grippy and at a nice incline and I think from the view at the top you can see Uluru!  (Well there certainly isn't much to block the view between the two rocks!)

view from Wave Rock ... is that Uluru in the distance?

It's two nights here and I'm taking advantage of … FREE INTERNET … and Joe is going birdwatching.  Life doesn't get much better than that!

as close to surfing as he'll ever get!


  1. is that actually uluru??? i've been to wave rock but i didn't even think to look for it. cool!

    1. No it's not Uluru Katrina - but then again - there isn't much to block the view between the two!

  2. Looks like you are enjoying a great experience...I'm reading keep writing! Hope Broome to Darwin is as interesting. I think Jill is turning into an enthusiastic Camper! Florrie

    1. Florrie - I'm glad you are reading - a bit too wordy I know! But I should make sure you now that I am not becoming an enthusiastic camper - not one bit! :) See you in Broome -soon!