Saturday, 30 March 2013

Day #4 & 5 Caiguna to Esperance - Esperance

Uneventful day - easy drive turning south to Esperance instead of Kalgoorlie. 

long straight road
Long straight road - the scenery changes but the horizon doesn't!

Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch ... on the road!
A couple of huge whales ...

Sometimes the long straight road is used as an emergency airstrip for the Flying Doctor Service



 is approaching and here in Australia the Easter long (LONG) weekend is a (very) big thing.  Most people have a 4-day holiday and banks and shops are closed - cities pretty much shut down (well that's how it used to be) and so people go away.  They go away to wherever they can find a spot.  Vintage Car shows, sporting events etc. take over small towns and campgrounds are booked out months (years?) in advance.  We had forgotten about  that when we decided not to book ahead and "take it as it comes"!  

All of the campgrounds in most towns were going to be booked out so we headed to Esperance earlier than planned in the hopes of finding something. There are two nights available before but all of the campgrounds are booked  over Easter and so is the National Park (you had to line up at 4.00 a.m.) and the town opens up the town oval on Friday afternoon to first-come-first serve arrivals. 

Something about being on the oval with a million other people didn't excite me so it's just two nights in Esperance which is on a bay on the southern coast of W.A.  

View around Esperance

The scenery is spectacular; crashing waves, cliffs, some sandy beaches, ships galour (busy grain port) but the town itself was ho-hum. It did have a lovely biking/walking trail right along the beach from one end of the town to the other but it was OK that we had to leave on Good Friday just as the riff-raff were arriving!! 

Note: We are able to camp "off grid" but one of this duo is prone to life's basic luxuries like power and water to use as she likes so we'll take a campsite even without our own ensuite if we can find it!  

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