Saturday, 29 December 2012

Life around THE VAN

There are no photos in this post - sorry  ...

We can leave the van setup in the caravan park, with water and power connected and alongside our "ensuite" shower/toilet because we have the use of Simone's old car to drive around in everyday … and we've been driving a lot. There is an awing that rolls out over the sliding door where we sit at our folding table on our folding chairs and gaze at our brand new BabyQ.   We drove across town one night (more on driving in Adelaide to come) to get a deal on the Webber Q to find out that late-night shopping at that store ends at 7.00 p.m. It was so far across town that arriving ten minutes after closing wasn't going to stop Joseph, so we have our cute little BBQ that has a thermometer for baking and a pizza stone, for pizzas I guess, but so far the only thing we've cooked on it is IKEA meatballs!   That's because we've been driving all over town!

We've bought and returned; folding chairs that broke two days later, a folding table that was broken before we used it, another folding chair because we took the wrong box, and countless IKEA items because we thought we needed them but didn't and on said trips bought more things that we found out we did need. We had to drive the van across town to have the leaking (like really leaking) hose fixed because apparently it wasn't connected properly in the first place. Across the other side of town for a proper drinking-water hose to replace the garden hose that is not for drinking water and then across another side of town to buy the fittings because the people who sold the hose didn't have them!!  This on top of visit to friends that we haven't seen for ages and with my family living on the opposite side of town from Mischa and Simone and we've been driving a lot.

We have beautiful new bikes that ride like a dream. Mine with a clip-on basket that we bought all the way from Copenhagen and Joseph's with a huge basket on the back. Caravan Park #1 was an easy ride into town on a bike path along "the river" and over to Mischa's on quiet roads and we did both a few times.  Now we are at Caravan Park #2 which is almost on the beach, which is on the other side of town from Caravan Park #1 and with a bicycle path along the top of the beach that goes for miles.  After being in Copenhagen we certainly are even more convinced that Adelaide could and should have more bike paths.  Apparently the new mayor thinks the same way and we saw a job for the city advertised  to manage a "walking and biking project". Cassia - come quickly - they need you!!

But, if you aren't riding your lovely bikes along those few bike paths then you are on the road (with or without painted bike lanes) with the crazy drivers.  They are crazy because there are only three small freeways and none of them are connected!! One is in the hills, one on the far outskirts of town taking traffic even further out of town and one that goes south only one direction at a time (according to traffic needs).  In the middle everybody drives at exactly the speed limit because there is photo radar all over town.  This has reduced road fatalities but it's BORING. It makes people accelerate as fast as possible to try and get in front and they won't let anybody in lest they lose the front position or lose precious inches that could be the difference between making or missing the traffic lights.  There are a LOT of traffic lights … and it's HOT waiting at traffic lights - even with air conditioning! Two or three-lane roads drive you crazy because they aren't really; the second or third lane can have cars parked so you either have to swerve slightly (depending on how well it is parked) or close your eyes and hope you judge the distance properly.  

It drives us crazy and as soon as we have finished returning everything, and as soon as we've finished our Christmas shopping (yikes!) and visiting and driving to Victor after Christmas, well THEN we'll be riding our bikes more!  

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