Saturday, 29 December 2012

Almost there ...Barcelona to Singapore

Destination:  BARCELONA/SINGAPORE  Spain/Singapore
Transport:   Train/Plane  - Renfe/Singapore Airlines
Luggage:   2 checked @ 20gs, 2 carry-on @11kgs
                      - should have been 7kgs and we only just got away with it!
Pills:           Jill x 3+3+all the stupid little ones from the T.O. doctor , 0 Joe

The six-hour train ride from Elche to Barcelona cost 40Euros each (40% disc with our Spanish Seniors card!) Such a deal, and a good trip except for the man who spoke continuously on his cell phone and "snorted" about every five minutes… and the lady behind us who had the "click" sound on her cellphone turned ON while she typed messages for three hours!  Silencio!! we pleaded with her but she continued!!

We were overnight in Barcelona before flying to Singapore.  I had planned to meet up with Lory (Baruzzi) who I worked with at Elders in the SIXTIES!! and who I hadn't seen since our Contiki Tour stopped in Barcelona in 1973 (and Lory let me stay with her so I didn't have to sleep in a tent!  At the last minute we realized that I had given her the wrong dates and so Lory realized what others already know - that I really haven't changed since I was 18 years old.  I'm still as scatterbrained now as I was then!! 

Every Tuesday Singapore Airlines has a 12hr flight direct from Barcelona to Singapore.   This is much shorter than the usual Milan route except that it arrives in Singapore at 5.00 a.m.!!  There is usually a flight to Adelaide at 7.30 a.m. but not on Wednesdays!!  So an 18 hr stopover and the only way to handle that is to book a room and SLEEP and then have a pedicure and a massage. That is the way any normal person would handle it but not a birdwatcher.  They take off shortly after landing and go birdwatching and then return late in the afternoon, hot and sweaty and TIRED!!


Destination:  ADELAIDE - Australia
Pills:           Jill x 1 , 0 Joe

The flight to Adelaide leaves at 11.30 p.m.and the seven-hour flight was mostly uneventful except for a few bouts of bumps that I noticed because I took all of my pills on the previous flight and now the Percocet that Joseph has lent me has little to no effect and I'm just tired of being scared and so I declare that this will be the last flight that I am ever on!!

 We left Canada on Wednesday October 3rd and we arrive in Adelaide 50 days later!  It's a beautiful warm day in Adelaide when we arrive and there to greet us is Mum and Jen and Simone and JASPER!!  We loved visiting old friends and seeing the amazing sights in Europe and the visit with Cassia and Pablo was very precious but - now - here we are FINALLY ready to live in THE VAN !!  (or home #3 as it was known but will here-with be referred to as THE VAN).  

...Well ... not so fast …

Joseph couldn't wait and slept in it almost immediately.  It has been HOT since the day we arrived…ridiculously hot… above 30C everyday bar 7 (we are at day 30) and 4 of those days it has been 37C or 38C.  Now "some like it hot" - but not me - so I stayed at my Mother's and waited until Joseph made sure we had water and the air-conditioning worked, and after a mammoth day at IKEA and we thought we had everything we needed …  THEN I moved into THE VAN.

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