Saturday, 29 December 2012

Finally ... Life in THE VAN

We purchased THE VAN in January 2012 but we had never seen it except in photos....

THE VAN at park #1 - front chairs have since been returned!

 I guess it really is a "motorhome" but that's what old people have and, although it does have a shower and a toilet and air conditioning and a microwave and a TV and a fridge and a kitchen sink and a bed that goes up and down … it really is just a VAN.  To be precise it is a Fiat Duccato van that has been fitted out with all the comforts of home so that when you travel around, you don't really think you are camping.  

It is  20 ft long and 7 ft wide and 8ft high.  You can stand in it easily (if you are our height) and you can squeeze past each other inside (if you are skinny people). It has a huge sliding door on the passenger side that has a nice big window and we use that as a main entrance.  The two huge doors at the back also open out and there is a clip-in screen for both doors and  two big windows on either side at the back with built-in screens and all of that makes for good air flow…  when it isn't ridiculously hot. 

Technically the van can accommodate four people but the seat for people # 3 & 4 is a rather narrow bench with upright back behind the driver, that could handle two small children (that you could tell to be quiet when they complained).  Both big comfy seats at the front can turn around and there is a small table that can be setup in front of the seat for people #3 & 4. The table has become our appliance hub and the seat is where we store our food in plastic bins.
Jill with front passenger seat turned around to become her favourite place to drink Nespresso and write her blog!

The kitchen is behind the passenger side; a small sink alongside three gas burners. Both have glass covers that turn into the countertop and these all sit on top of four drawers that hold cutlery and pots&pans. Next on the same side is the fridge and on top of the fridge is the closet (only shirts on baby coat hangers hang here).  Opposite the fridge/closet and behind the seat for people # 3&4, is the teeny tiny sink/shower/toilet "room", that has been turned into a closet for dresses and pants .

Bathroom on left - looking towards the back of the van

Joseph making the bed (in down position) with kitchen on right, bathroom on left.

Joseph making coffee in the kitchen,  in our Nespresso (thanks friends)

Bed in UP position (very top of photo) with benches on either side and cubby-holes above and back door open.

We are half-way now; along each side at the back are two comfy benches, with those nice windows above them. A table can be setup in between and this makes a nice place to eat or write ones memoirs.  Above the windows, that are above the benches, are little cubby holes where we store our clothes (that are rolled up and/or stuffed into bespoke cardboard boxes).  Above all of this is our bed that is bought down (electronically) each night - all made up - ready for sleeping!  

All of this and THE VAN can be easily driven around town and easily parked in the IKEA handicapped parking space. 

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