Thursday, 11 December 2014

Visitors and a wedding …

… Of course it's been crazy these past few weeks - but a pretty fun kind a crazy!!

We turned on a 35c welcome for Ken & Eileen (Ross) - a nice warm welcome - but not too hot to bird as it turns out!  Ken & Joseph took off birding and we barely saw them again until three days later when we left on our trip up north.

Through the Clare Valley (wine tasting and eating) and to the Flinders Ranges (to camp!!) and the highlight (for me) lunch at the Prairie Hotel in Parachilna!

My highlight- it's on the edge of the dessert in the middle of nowhere
…the boys had goat and emu burgers!!


For the others the highlight(s) were (of course) some birds !!! 

We nearly killed ourselves trying to find these horrid little birds!

After two days of camping  Ken & Joseph took off in the van to look for… more birds … and Eileen and I went home to recover (pedicure) and be ready for the next trip … 
south this time to Victor Harbor!  ….  I even joined them for some birding (!!) 

birding at the mouth of the murray river (Goolwa)
oh! the joy of birding!
... they found the elusive plover!
Ken had to sit and watch the plover until we girls arrived
…oh the joys of birding!

and then the boys took off in the van again for (even) more birding on the Coorong and Eileen and I stayed at Simone's parent's beach house to enjoy the beach and surrounds (shops!!)

This Mallee Fowl was the one that excited the boys the most.
… especially this one where he is scatting his mound!
oh the joys of birdwatching!

In between the trips and the birding we ate; raclette and paella  

… and then they were gone (flying) and so were we (driving for 3 days) to Perth! 
 ...Perth Western Australia - because that's where Erin (Ross) was marrying an Australian (!!) Tom and all of us Dafoe's were invited!  

So Cassia & Mischa flew in  … alas! no Simone or Pablo … and the four of us stayed together in a cute cottage and did some bonding (poor darlings!).

Round at the Ross' house it was a little more tense…

Ian arrived jet-lagged and with laundry and … as it turns out … not quite enough clothes for all of the social events (one suit = not enough!) So Father of Bride had to drive Ian in Erin''s suspect jeep downtown (wait till he sees the price of clothes!!) with the stress of trying to stay on the proper side of the road.

Then there was Erin project-managing her mum Eileen  - ever the good mother- agonizing over the flowers. Flowers for the reception, flowers for the wedding, boutineers and corsages …  and  … the bridal bouquet!!

Woah! Not your average bouquet  this one! - 
THIS one included a pineapple!! along with various other native flowers/plants!!  

The good mother that she is, came through for her darling daughter and the bouquet looked amazing -  but it weighed a friggin' ton!  (The customary throwing of the bouquet was cancelled for safety reasons!! )

Eileen made both of these (not the champagne!)
… in the end Ian was the only person who could carry the bouquet!! :)

Such a beautiful MOB
who even had to make her own corsage!

Cassia & I were hanging around so they gave us some "simple flower arranging" that had both of us in a lather!
These were for the tables at the reception restaurant
not bad Cassia!
More project managing; punch for post-wedding drinks needed, lunch for bridal make-up photo session and of course breakfast for 20 the morning after!  Woah - we can do that!!

… and somehow in the middle of all this-Erin & Tom managed to transform their backyard into a thing of beauty 
Of course - this special black cockatoo appeared just before the wedding started
…a sign of good luck I'm sure!!

It did not took like this the day before!

Erin's Scoot!

...and then there we were sitting in the spectacular sunshine with our parasols and fans

Well this is Tom's mum (centre) and friend and sister sitting ...

                                                         … and then  Erin and Tom arrived ...

 and she took our breath away...

 -  and her mum cried and her dad didn't forget the rings…

 and the mum's witnessed the signings et voilà- they were married. 

A gift from Tom's brother (who couldn't attend)
...I hope you can read the text

The champagne flowed, the oysters were shucked and it was a joyous occasion!

The Oytser Shucker waiting to shuck

… and this is some of the 200 dozen oysters he shucked!

The restaurant was a tad too far to walk so E&T hired a pretty funky limo to ferry us all!

Swallow Restaurant
a long-narrow newly-award-winning with the most wonderful food and ambiance

Who knew Kenny could trip the light fantastic so well!

Such a lovely couple!

Not only was it an amazing and special wedding- but it was also the most wonderful weekend of partying, talking and laughing (and some crying) and more talking - all thanks to Erin & Tom's super duper organizing of not just a wedding but pre and post parties to boot! 

Friday night pre-wedding party

... and a break from the flowers for Eileen
Sunday morning brunch at E&T's
this time the boys needed shading!
Then as if that wasn't enough they invited us all to join them on their honeymoon!

So here we are two days later - in the Margaret River area with more talking and laughing (well we are still laughing) and then I'm off home (flying urgh!) and Joseph is driving the van back alone full of Cassia & Pablo's meagre possessions that he'll pickup in Esperance on the way.  Provided there are no birds to make him stop  he'll be back in five days and I'm just hoping he is back in time to greet our next guests … the Elliotts!

… and I'm absolutely sure I won't be writing again before Christmas so Merry Christmas to those of you who found time to read this!!  

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