Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A few things ...

Just a few things happening these past two months …

Mum's been a bit lonely since she lost her licence, and her neighbours are either sick or have moved out - so I had an idea ...

Mum came to live with us!! 
- she's down on the ground floor - we're on the 2nd!
- as you can imagine - this is a MASSIVE change for her, and she's being a trooper about it!
- she does like it at our house  … there's the water, the dolphins, the endless parade of people on the dock and, most importantly, there is the incessant stream of (huge) trucks driving over the bridge  - and that is what mum loves most of all!

The entrance to mum's "home" 

"home" -with view of river - hidden slightly by historic "tall ship" - much to mum's annoyance!
Door leads into walk-in-closet, that leads in (huge) bathroom.

New "kitchen" a.k.a laundry!
We had to be rather innovative given that we are renting!
Removed a few doors and counters with the promise to replace when we leave!!
We managed to squeeze in quite a few of her favourites!

We put Mum's house up for sale!

Oh dear - she left this behind! :(

 - minimal worked involved here - certainly no cleaning needed - just the removal of 1,399 photos from the shelves and walls!

staged view (i.e.minus photos) of mum's previous living room/dining room
(I know Brenda- that coffee table just jumps out at you and furniture needs grounding and artwork is too high etc. etc. !  - I tried!)

SOLD mum's house!!  Closing date October 31st. 

Bye bye beautiful roses!!
- we were very lucky to sell quickly and for a decent price.
- we've squeezed a few of mum's "things" into her new "home" (room) - stored others in our garage - some the grandchildren can use and some went to support our Community Garage Sale!  A tad sad esp. for mum :(

Mum bought another house!!

New house - on corner with wrap-around windows!

Looking back towards our current house
we are about where you see the next tree-box.
 (well we are days away from signing the contract)! - closing date Feb 27th 2015

- this one is huge (pretty-much the same as the one we are renting)
- mum will live in the bottom with her own kitchen and bathroom and the same wonderful view we have now
- we rent from her - up on the 2nd floor
-  hopefully this will help avoid/delay her need to move into a nursing home (which over here requires a $350,000-$400,000 deposit if you own your own home!)  yikes!!

In between the buying and selling and moving …

Joseph decided to go to Africa for three months in 2015.
I am happy about this.  I am not happy that the series of injections required has made him sick for the past four weeks :( - they say it's Plurisy and not related to the drugs … but given my extensive medical knowledge - I'm not so sure!

Jasper turned THREE!

- a super-hero party with lots of superheroes and their mums & dads …

in a park (that we had to ourselves)...

My masterpieces ...

Fairy Bread - of course!
Well Cassia & Joseph did this!


 we had a 2nd party at our house for my family & friends the following weekend! 

Good old ORANGE CAKE … again!

Billie just looks on approvingly …

Such an adorable 3 year old - well that is until he puts on his super-hero cape- then he's a mighty-strong super-hero!!

Cassia & Pablo came to visit … again!!

Cassia came for an interview and was successful!!   Her job is with the Adelaide City Council!!
Pablo also had an interview and he has pretty-much secured himself work (and eventually a project he will manage) at the university!

Sooooo C&P come to live with us … Nov 9th !!
 - they will live on the 3rd level.

The view from Cassia & Pablo's "room"...
There is a small "room" next to the outdoor deck  (mean to be a kitchen with sink and cupboards) - and now - a bed!

Well a mattress that they stand up when not in use   - this provides them with just enough room to move.

- good news is that Cassia will not be cold up on the 3rd level !!

… and on November 12th  Ken & Eileen arrive!
Sadly we don't have a 4th floor for them - but we do have a van! :) !!

At the end of Ken & Eileen's visit we all head to Perth for their daughter Erin's wedding. 
Ken & Eileen are flying over.
Cassia is flying over and so is Mischa.
Mischa & Cassia's parents are DRIVING over!
Urgh - 3? 4? days across the Nullabor!  I enjoyed it the first time ... at least this time we know NOT to buy veggies just before the border!

Lucky me I get to FLY back  (moderately happy about that!)  Joseph gets to drive to Esperance (7hr) and load Cassia & Pablo's furniture into the van (well the three items that are too big to stuff into their tiny car) and drive back across the Nullabor!!  Urgh!

Then Brenda & Brad arrive December 17th and will be with us for Christmas!  

I'm telling you this because I'm obviously pretty gosh-darned excited about it all …
and … I'm pretty sure I won't be writing a blog for a while ...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In Adelaide (well Port Adelaide) people can bring their pet to have coffee with them!
- this one is ... a lamb!!

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