Thursday, 23 May 2013

#56 & 57 - It's 514 kms to Katherine so we break up the trip with two stops ...

Stop #1- Deep River Nat. Park - off-grid

Again, democracy prevails and it is agreed that we will spend a ridiculously hot and humid afternoon and night in the National Park, the reason for which escapes me right now.  National Parks of course mean, no power, no water and eco-toilets … but at least this time we aren't in tents!

There will be no swimming to cool down!

We are the only people in the small campground (surprise)! 

There is a bit of shade so I sit outside for a while but am attacked by ants so I spend the afternoon inside the van fanning myself furiously. The others go on a walk and then after they recover, they do a small one-hour hike around a rock formation nearby that they declare to be wonderful!!  

The rock formation is behind the van.
Bravo to P&P for preparing a meal (BBQ lamb, couscous and salad) in the heat. They like me feel the heat terribly, but unlike me they don't sit and fan themselves!!  It's a lovely meal but while we eat, the ants find the pots and I'm pretty sure my last serving of couscous included some ants. I don't realize this until we are cleaning up and the thought of it is (almost) enough to turn me off of food forever.   (The thought of it as I write is (almost) enough to turn me off …)

Of course I can't sleep because the humidity is oppressive and whenever I am about to nod off I feel as though I am suffocating.  Joseph says this is ridiculous.  By morning I'm very hot and grumpy and can't wait to leave when somebody asks if there will be another hike before we go!!! Huh??!!  I almost faint at the thought, but thank goodness there are others who also didn't sleep and so the hike is off! 

What we look like as we take over the outback!

I do agree to a 100 meter in/out climb on the way out for a great view of the area and an interesting old aboriginal structure. Then I spend the whole day sleeping while Joseph drives.

... and the caravan of vans ...


Goodbye W.A. ... we (jill and joe) have been here for seven weeks ...
the Canadians for just over three!


Stop # 2 - Timber Creek Hotel/Caravan Park

Trip Advisor doesn't give this park a very good review but it has POWER and a pool and there aren't many other choices .. and just as the T.A reviewer mentioned - there to greet us is the "beer-swilling yobbo" that looks after the grounds.  He's too busy to talk - so we find a decent site and the pool is clean and cool(ish) and we are the only ones in.  At 5.00 p.m. we line up like everybody else to watch them feed the crocodiles in the river at the back (yawn) and we blast the a.c in our four vans all night so we can't complain.

Camping at Timber Creek
... I guess photos of the crocs or finches might have been more interesting ...

On the way out, after a tip from a fellow camper, we drive to a spot nearby and see some Gouldian Finches!!!  Even the non-serious birders see them!  

As we drive the last leg to Katherine the scenery changes (again) - the rocks disappear and it becomes much more tropical and the heat and humidity increase.  Meantime they search for a Canadian missing in the Snowy Mountains in freezing conditions.  Strange country.

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