Thursday, 23 May 2013

#54 & 55 Kununurra ... again

Note: For those who needed a pic of the Spinafex Pigeon as proof - it's there now (and here incase you are too lazy to go back!).  Also a couple of other photos added to Bungle Bungle post...

Spinafex pigeon

It's back to Kununurra and it's going to take three nights and two days to: return our rented equipment, collect our thoughts, grocery shop, collect more thoughts, do laundry and … a bird trip!

Laundry back at Kununurra
- might not look exciting but I can tell you it was! -
Turns out this weekend is the beginning of the Ord River Muster
 - it's a 10-day event that  is the highlight of the calendar for Kununurra and the Kimberley region -  and it has the locals very excited. There is (amongst a million other things) a huge concert that boasts Guy Sebastian (Australian Idol winner) at a whopping ($103/adult or $239 for a family (2 adults - 3children) and at that price I'm guessing you must get a free diamond to take home (it's sponsored by Argyle diamonds)?  There's even a children's "learn-to-make haloumi cheese" workshop!!

We are too tired to catch the opening night party, or the rodeo or the speedway, but we catch a small market in the town square on our way to shop.  It's an eclectic mix of crafts, food, hairdresser and even a brow-waxing tent.  We buy some chutney and a beautiful wooden bowl made from one of the local trees and then Joseph has an aboriginal lady carve on one of the seed pods from a Boab Tree for us.

Glennis is carving for us ...

and this is the finished carving - it really is a work of art.

 Her name is Glennis and she is happy for us to take her photo and she makes a beautiful carving.

We also find some beautiful pottery and glass crafts and that lady tells us what a great town/community Kununurra is and she tells us in great detail all of the things she loves about living here because we just can't get past the heat and especially the humidity and apparently it's cooling down now!  

Joseph announces that tomorrow there is a 106km trip back to Wyndham -  but - it is for "serious birders"!!  We know who he means to go and who he means to stay.  So early in the morning off go those serious birders and their main goal is to find a Gouldian Finch.  
Borrowed photo to show you what they are looking for ...
I guess it could be worth all the trouble?!!
Our main goal is to stay cool as we waddle from our vans to the pool and back - except for Greg & Florrie, those brave souls, who spend the day on a boat tour of Lake Argyle and surrounds.

Boab in Wyndham

Wyndham - not a lot to see there apparently

Except lots of ducks
(photo taken through scope)

The birders return triumphant (with a very blurry photo to prove their find), 

There's the object of their obsession and proof they saw it
 ... the Gouldian Finch - i think only found in Australia

G&F are delighted with their tour and the rest of us emerge from our air-conditioned vans for the "Snags ($2) and Rissoles ($3)" BBQ again although it seems they don't quite trust us with our donations so this time there is a price attached - still it's a deal and we are happy not to cook!  (Snags are sausages and rissoles are like hamburger patties - a bit fatter and rolled in breadcrumbs, and both are served between two pieces of bread.)

We are sorry we won't be here for the Muster but we've had enough of Kununurra - we're off to Darwin via Kakadu National park and a couple of stops along the way.

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