Monday, 3 July 2017

More to the saga ...

Before I write about my adventures in the northern hemisphere -  there is an extra titbit to add to the saga of moving/selling the house on the dock.

You should know it's mostly me venting so be warned ...

I received an email from Peter Simon (the buyer of mum's house) - henceforth referred to as "creep face" -  just as I was leaving for my trip.  The dishwasher wasn't draining properly he said - he obviously remembered a comment I made when selling him the house (I felt it never drained as well as it should).  I whipped off an email explaining that I couldn't help and suggested he refer to the manual, and/or Google  and off I went.

In Barcelona, in my flying fog, I read another email from creep-face  … dishwasher now not working at all - he priced a replacement ($2k) and figured it would be appropriate for me to contributed $1k!!  Woah - off went another email to him, to tell him how gob-smacked I was by his audacity, and to tell him that NO, I would not give him one thousand dollars.

In Elche a few days later, with less fog, I read the END of that email where he (creep face) tells me he has gone ahead and TAKEN the one thousand dollars from the amount he owes me!!!  (He (creep-face) owed us $3,800 for the new air-conditioner). I was very, very upset … and helpless.

I fired off another email demanding he reimburse me. I figured he didn't get that email so I fired off another and then everyday for the rest of the trip I sent it again and again and I've never heard anything from him.

Six weeks later I'm home, two months after the move and I don't have my one thousand dollars … and I guess I never will.  

BUT, Virginia there must be a Santa Claus, because two weeks ago somebody plastered graffiti all over the side of that house on the dock.!! 

I hope it cost him (at least) one thousand dollars to fix it.

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