Monday, 9 September 2013

Tall ships and Brunch

The ships arrived on Wednesday afternoon and it was quite spectacular.... 

The news helicopter seemed as though it would crash into our balcony and then crash into the big ship

 The weather was perfect and the scene was spectacular.

The dolphins came out to join in the fun!

The last of the three Dutch ships, the smallest one, docked right in front of our house! 

Hello Sailors!

I noticed "our ship" had just a small crew, so thought I would be neighbourly and invited them in for a shower. I figured they would jump at the chance to have a large stable shower but they declined saying they had one on board!  Well OK - have it your way - so I bought the T-shirt and asked the Captain to sign it.

I have the T-Shirt!

With the two local tall-ships docked as well and a British ship arriving on Thursday - it was just an amazing scene.

On Saturday the ships were open to the public so we invited everybody we knew over for a brunch and to join the party. The weather was so perfect and warm we could throw open the two sliding doors and even put some chairs up top on the deck  so everybody could wander all over with great spots to view the ships and then walk out the front door and join the thousands of people who had come to our dock.

Included in the thousands of people (sorry no photo of 1,000s -too busy entertaining!)
was a wedding!

It was just a brilliant day . The only thing(s) missing were Joseph and Pablo (sad face)… and it was only sightly more brilliant the next morning when they sailed out of the harbour!

It literally took your breath away!

Goodbye Tall Ships - it sure was fun having you visit!

So the fun is over - now it's down/off to work!!

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