Monday, 5 August 2013

Believe it or not last week was a rather busy one …

I don't know if the whales are new or not - I know I never heard about whales at Victor Harbor when I was young - but now it's all everybody talks about!! Whales during the winter and you can see them from the beach - it's like birdwatching from the car!!

Now that Cassia is warm with her new coat we can go outside and the whale report said there had been lots of whale activity so we drove 1.5hrs south of Adelaide -  straight to Middleton beach where the whale report said they would be and we arrived at exactly the time the whale report said they would be seen!   - et violà there they were! 
Well we could SEE them!

  Ten steps from the car we could see six or seven swimming (or whatever whales do) about 100 - 200 meters from shore and others we could see spouting (or whatever whales do) way out. It wasn't even cold watching them (well not for me anyway) but it was the first time in a million years that I didn't have binoculars handy - and it was then that I realized I'm starting to miss Joseph!  

  Lunch at the cafe on the beach, a visit to the dump (…er … refuse depot) for a few "treasures" then home - that was a whole day!

Jasper's foot tile is on here!
This is the beach we were whale-watching!

… then just a bit of Sports!  
When you don't have snow and ice and freezing temperatures in winter, you can play sports outside and if your nieces and nephews play sports outside then it behoves you to go and watch them play … outside… at night … in the cold!  Jess played netball outside and she scored all of the points in an 8-0 game, probably because she is the tallest girl on the court. It wasn't too cold that night so we were "happy" to be there to cheer her on. 

Jess NOT playing netball!
Sorry no pics of J&J actually playing - it was dark!

Not so happy two nights later for James' football game (another thrashing win for him) on a cold, wet miserable night. He's one of the tallest in his team, so was a big part of the thrashing and in an effort to give the other team a chance he was taken off for the last quarter. Well we figured he wouldn't miss us so we sneaked off early!  

Zane in action.
The next night Zane played basketball indoors -  but might as well be outside (it's an old draughty massive building). His team was winning and mum was freezing and we figured he wouldn't miss us so we sneaked off early!  I think that's enough sports for us for one week!

… then more Shopping! 
A couple of major second-hand 'finds' this week -  a bedhead/bookcase ($35) to replace the ironing board that acts as a TV bench in my bedroom. It scrubbed up well with some Vim; the magazines hide the scribble that wouldn't come off one shelf, the stool hides the hole in the middle at the bottom and the # eight adds a bit of interest.
You have no idea how excited I am to have this piece of furniture!!
(pic taken while in bed)
 While we were picking up that gem a battered-up side board jumped out at us ($80) so home it came because the dining room is desperate for a side board. I figured paint would fix it but somebody had a "share" on Facebook with info on how to restore wooden furniture using olive oil and vinegar. It still boggles my mind that it worked and I wish I had taken a "before" pic because the "after" is quite amazing. 

"after" pic!!

The legs were rather slippery carrying it upstairs and it does smell a bit like a salad and each drawer only holds one tablecloth but it looks wonderful
 - especially under the painting ($25).

Getting there!
Still no place to put dishes so the trolley works for now!
… some Cooking!  

Cassia made a huge (huge), healthy pot of lentils and some banana-chocchip muffins (we selflessly gave away 10 of the 12!), I made a Beef Hot Pot stew that was passable for company and we both made Gypsy Soup (because I have my Moosewood Cookbook now!) Thank goodness Jen bought cheesecakes when they came for the Hot Pot!!  Poor Cassia - Joseph asked her to make sure I stay away from desserts - it's a thankless task!

… and a bit of Culture! 
I think Matthew McConaghie without a shirt is culture?  Anyway, we saw him in MUD and loved it. Also saw Before Midnight (saw the previous two) and I enjoyed it - Cassia didn't like the fighting - but the acting was brilliant as always.   Walked to an art gallery here in the Port - sadly (luckily?) the huge mosaic dolphin was sold ($500) goodness knows there was room for it in this house!  
view on the way BACK from the gallery!

Then tonight - a walk around the streets as part of Illuminart's New Light Industrial project in the Port. 
There was a bicycle inside of this ship!

The projection was contained inside the bottle!
It was a movie of the beach!

art on a wall...

... and inside the buildings!

A little bit cold but Cassia and I (and even Jen & Michael & even mum!!) were all blown away by the different artwork that was projected onto the walls of the beautiful old buildings, 

"trees" of material hand-painted with interior lighting.
as well as the "trees"

 and lanterns 

… and the yummy hot chocolate from my (new) fav. cafe (Red Lime Shack).  Love these people that are working hard to make The Port more alive and more interesting.

So while we were hard at work keeping ourselves busy here at "home", Joseph was back "home" in Toronto and Ottawa and the cottage having perhaps a little too much fun.  He's submitted his visa application and now he seems to think he can enjoy himself!!  

It's all very nice of friends to look after him, and I do appreciate it and I'm sure he does as well - but you can stop now - I want him to come "home" soon!!
Joe and Les ...
looking just a bit TOO happy!

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  1. it's one of my life dreams to see a whale from land!!!