Saturday, 22 September 2012

Still here ...

This is meant to keep you up to date on our life in Australia from November 2012 until June 2013. Before that "adventure" we'll spend seven weeks hopping around UK/ Europe. We leave in October but until then here we are in Toronto ... settling into retirement.

After we closed our stores in June and sold home #1 in July, we relocated to home #2; a seventh -floor, two-bedroom apartment in a Toronto high rise at King St. W  & Bathurst. We have a wonderful view (for now) of the Toronto sky-line with lots of great amenities (pools (2), gym, movie theatre (small but still...), squash courts etc.) — but it's an old building so the condo needs renovating. Yippee!

To fill in the "downtime" until we leave, we are having the IKEA kitchen, that we purchased in March, finally installed.  We've relocated (there's a lot of relocating happening in this blog I'm afraid) the kitchen into the living room and the bathroom sink has become the kitchen sink.  Considering that we have hardly cooked these past few months (years?) it really hasn't been too much of an inconvenience ... so far  (one week) although the dust caked on my hair, while good for keeping it's style, doesn't feel great.

Some people can't believe that we RETIRED to Toronto, but (so far) we love "the vibe of it" — the liveliness of the streets, especially with TIFF now down 'our' end of town.  We were the oldies in the complex of house #1, and here in the building of house #2 we are close, but I have a feeling that with house #3 we might just be "the youngins" - that will be a nice change from feeling ancient every time we step outside our door.

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  1. Thanks Jill- you're as long winded as I was with a blog.................

    Good to see a pic of the wheely home and of course, you as a true Canadian again- or was that a red rooster hat you had on!

    Safe Travels-

    Alexander & Clare in Nova Scotia